Zing Revolution

MusicSkins LLC/Z!NGRevolution is a fun, fresh brand that allows you to personalize your electronics with the latest music, fashion, art, television, movie and pop culture images.

There is no better way to express yourself and your personality than through the customization of your most precious electronic devices. We envision all iPods, mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices, laptops, iPads, cameras, hard drives, e-readers and other personal electronics as portable canvases for style and individuality. Our skins catalog is full of diverse images from One Direction to The Godfather, and Supernatural to Pretty Little Liars, and allows for you to change your skin as fast as you change.

Kat Graham of the Vampire Diaries at Montblanc’s re opening with a white button up, black neck tie, high wasted skirt and black oxford shoes in Atlanta, Georgia 

A link to our Vampire Diaries skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1mzOJCs

Jared Padalecki of Supernatural on set of Supernatural season 10 in Vancouver, Canada http://bit.ly/1vvawNQ

A link to our Supernatural skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1mGqzGj

Al Pacino of Scarface and his girlfriend Lucila Sola getting into their limo at their hotel in London http://dailym.ai/ZsfIZ2

A link to our Scarface skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1tLYPmD

Lena Headey and Dean-Charles Chapman as Cersei Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon on the set of Game of Thrones in Croatia http://dailym.ai/1v6r0eM

A link to our Game of Thrones skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1pkbNUt

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith out with a cigar leaving an office building going to his Hennessey Venom GT super car in Beverly Hills, California http://dailym.ai/1v6nPUp

A link to our Aerosmith skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1rwLNHS

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy walking through LAX after Fall Out Boy performed in South Africa for the iHeartJoburg Music Festival http://dailym.ai/1pqLkUO

A link to our Fall Out Boy skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/W74abD

Jason Biggs of The American Pie movies took a selfie from a ships mast http://dailym.ai/1qDkxEf

A link to our American Reunion skins for your electronic deviceshttp://bit.ly/1mvxKAQ

Alyson Hannigan of The American Pie movies helping her daughter Satyana during a family cupcake decorating session in Los Angeles http://dailym.ai/1ryABws

A link to our American Reunion skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1mvxKAQ

Bradley Cooper of The Hangover at coming back to Los Angeles from his trip to London, England http://dailym.ai/1vaA44A

A link to our The Hangover skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1sH4FE5

Emmy Rossum of Shameless carrying a healthy juice drink walking in Beverly Hills http://dailym.ai/1DEbeOC

A link to our Shameless skins for your electronic devices http://bit.ly/1pejdZu